This video is mainly made with the output of Bomb, besides some animation generated with Premiere Pro and one of my photographs. I was attracted to Bomb because of its highly organic character.  Bomb is software made by Scot Draves. It runs on my old Power Macintosh 7600/132 and the hardest thing was to grab the output in real-time as MPG, so I could use it as the basis for this music video. But finally I managed with the help of a very cheap USB video grabber from China. The music was made after the video was finished, so I could closely react to the movements and changes of the video. The video is called Green Dream. The name is somewhat a reference to Tangerine Dream. If you are familiar with their music genre (aka Berlin School of electronic music) you will recognize the influences in the music.

This is the second music video made with various snippets of the output of the software called Bomb (by Scott Draves), edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and supplemented with some effects of that software. The shapes and colours of the images did remind me of India - therefore the title "India"- , though I have never been to India myself ;-). It inspired me to add a bit of an Eastern atmosphere to the music.